So Other People’s Ideas is all about sharing and talking about the interesting stuff you can find on the internet. Other People’s Websites shows you the various sources I’m using to find interesting stuff: this page is a compendium of time-saving and experience-enhancing gadgets I use to make browsing the internet faster and, uh, better.

Instapaper: brilliant tool for saving long articles. Say you find something you want to read but you don’t have time for it right now: Instapaper gives you a bookmark that, when you click it, takes all the text on the page you’re on and saves it to a text-only page within your own account at If you have an iPhone or iPad or whatever, you can also get an app that syncs your saved articles to the device, so the long article you noticed at lunchtime but didn’t have time to get to is available for the commute home.

Google Reader: there are lots of RSS readers out there and Google Reader is the only one I’ve tried, so this is hardly a well-informed recommendation. However it is totally brilliant. Basically, tell it all your favourite websites and then when you log in you can see all their new material in one place. Gives you the sense that you can catch up on the entire internet in ten minutes; alternatively, gives you the sense that you will never be able to read all the interesting stuff there is out there.

Google Chrome: just the best web browser.

Simplenote: very plain, very functional note-taking app. Comes as a website, iPhone app and desktop application: the smart thing is that they all sync with each other. So you think of something on the tube home, jot it down and then you can access that thought from any internet connection.

Facebook share: quickest way to share something you like with your friends. Gives you a bookmark that, when you click it, posts a link to your current page directly to your Facebook account. Unfortunately I don’t have a link to this as I’m not sure how I set it up, any more.

WordPress: I tried Google’s Blogger before, but WordPress is better. Set up a website in five minutes, there are lots of nice themes and it’s free and really easy to use.