The Economist collected all the cover designs they’ve used for issues that focused on the euro crisis. Here’s one:

The Economist cover design, November 5th, 2011

You know, I like the Economist a lot because I think it’s well written and largely sensible and if I disagree with it then I can usually see why they have a different opinion to mine. A friend recently described it as sexist and racist and several other bad things.  I dunno. I mean, I find it irritating that they sometimes seem to spit out standard-issue “market-based” ideas reflexively, no matter the context, and insist on characterizing any increase in taxation on wealthy people as class warfare or bashing or soaking the rich. I would find it hard to point to an incident of actual racism on their part but have noticed that they occasionally use lazy cliches about some countries. The collection of covers also illustrates how their sense of humour can be kind of English public schoolboy, which does grate a little.