So we’re homeless. We moved out of our place in Berkeley today and are on the way back to the UK. We’re taking a kind of circuitous route, though, driving to New York via… a few places, selling our car there and flying the rest of the way. I am extremely excited about this trip! Although right now in a motel on the outskirts of Reno, Nevada it’s pretty far from glamorous. We covered 238 miles today and it should be significantly more tomorrow, when we’re aiming to end up somewhere south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

We set out from Berkeley amidst a chaotic blend of sunshine and showers. Naturally we made a stop in Sacramento to get one last California In-n-Out Burger, before carrying on east on I-80 up into the Sierra Nevada. An hour or so later it was like this:

But luckily for us that only lasted till we dipped below the cloud again on the other side. It was dark getting into Reno and the casinos were all aglow. We’re not gonna be hanging around to check them out though; got some rocks to see one state over.