So Game of Thrones will have a third season (link via @jkottke). The TV adaptation of George RR Martin’s fantasy series has had pretty good ratings for its first one and a bit seasons, and the fanbase is huge and built-in so it’s hardly surprising. But now’s as good a time as any to talk about it.

I got through the five extant books last summer and, despite it being a real slog to get through the fourth in particular, am proper looking forward to no’s 6 and 7. Despite the main plotline (or at least what one assumes is the main plotline) advancing at an epically glacial pace, there is plenty of incident to keep you interested and the politics of the world is believable enough to be gripping in and of itself, besides all the violence and shagging. The series has received not just high viewership but a lot of praise from critics and is being avidly followed in various places online. The AV Club’s writeups (here for people new to the story, here for those who’ve read the books already) are a good place to get involved; the comments sections are rife with theories and speculation about the mysterious backstory to the world and what might come in future instalments.

Over the past few weeks we (that’s me and Mette) got through the first series on DVD and have also seen the first episode of the second series. Each series so far covers a single book, although they have taken a few liberties with plot details and character, in order to smooth the transition from 1,000 written pages to 10 televised hours. I thought series 1 did a tremendous job of representing what Martin was up to with the books, although it was rightly criticised for going a bit overboard with the gratuitous nudity. We should note, though, that this gave rise to the brilliant neologism sexposition, for an explanation of which see here.