In case, like me, you were vaguely aware that Apple, Samsung and a bunch of other smartphone makers were locked in a series of legal disputes, but didn’t have the full picture, here’s a handy article going through it all at some length. It seems to lean toward a conclusion that all of this is rather silly: certainly, Apple’s notion that no-one else should be able to make rectangular electronic devices with rounded corners comes in for a bit of ridicule. The judge presiding over the case between Apple and Samsung sounds pretty cool:

“Can we all just get along here? Can I send you out to ADR?” she wondered, referring to alternative dispute resolution, a form of private mediation. “I will send you with boxes of chocolates,” the judge said. “I mean, whatever.”

Nine months later, the case of Apple v. Samsung shows no sign of abating. Rather than conciliate, Apple returned in February to the federal courthouse in San Jose to sue Samsung again, claiming the Korean manufacturer “slavishly copied” Apple.