Suitably, for the last day of a month during which I have not posted anything at all to the blog, here is an article about going “off grid.” It’s impressive in that it pulls off being a travelogue (bunch of guys going canoeing) and a discussion of some serious contemporary neuroscience and psychology. The guys on the trip are all academics whose work concerns, in one way or another, how our brains are responding to the heavy flow of digital information that many of us subject them to. Here’s the setup:

The five scientists on the trip can be loosely divided into two groups: the believers and the skeptics.

The believers… argue that heavy technology use can inhibit deep thought and cause anxiety, and that getting out into nature can help. They take pains in their own lives to regularly log off.

The skeptics use their digital gadgets without reservation. They are not convinced that anything lasting will come of the trip — personally or scientifically.

Interesting conversations and minor revelations are had; it’s a good read.