People are just simulating the shit out of stuff these days. Some scientists in Korea have just run the biggest ever simulation of the universe, involving about 400 billions particles bouncing around in a box two thirds the size of the observable universe. They used the world’s 26th fastest supercomputer to do it, and it took 20 days.

Meanwhile in Europe, they’re trying to build a computer simulation of a human brain.

You might recall that I wittered some time ago about the possibility that our entire universe is in fact a simulation being run on the computers of some hyper-advanced race of beings. And the closer we come to creating our own simulations of people and universes, the more plausible it seems that we ourselves are not real after all. If that’s the case, I’d just like to request that our geeky overlords remember to leave their supercomputer plugged in when they go home for the evening.

Update: I forgot to include this glorious simulation of colliding galaxies. Read about it here.