This is the 500th post on Other People’s Ideas. Previously: 100th and 250th. My rate of blog posting fell dramatically a couple of months ago. It was summer, I was real busy at work, then there was that month in Europe. So while the first 250 blog posts here were generated in five months, the second 250 have taken nine. Anyway, where are we?

Books has become the single biggest topic on the site, followed by Internet; film is now down in third.

The Wire as Dungeons and Dragons, and Eighteen megapixels of cherry pie are still the posts that people most often wind up at through Google searches. Some depressing things (looking at the changes Osama bin Laden wrought on the world) gets a steady trickle of views as well.

Other popular posts that have appeared during the last two hundred and fifty include Alien ice-world (how the inside of a glacier looks like it was designed by HR Giger), The internet’s questions for a four-year-old (a Reddit user interviews his son; the son says cool stuff like “I think [the world is] pretty good, but not if you’re alone or scared or dead or something like that”), Sexy ladies (which was just a link to the now-apparently-defunct Ten Sexy Ladies, which was brilliantly hilarious while it ran) and Your brain’s affective response system, which was about a test of your intuitive, pre-lingual brain.

Some stuff that I thought was really fun included Idiom!, Crisis Tiger (and the rest of “Animals in Midlife Crises,” which appeared on The Rumpus), Satan=Superman, about cinematic visual techniques in literature (partly because it had a whole paragraph in parentheses), and the video I took of Macsen on the beach catching a frisbee. He’s got really good at that recently, BTW.

OK good! See you for another of these at the thousandth post.