The Guardian’s Sport blog had a feature that ran for a few years called On Second Thoughts. One of their writers would take some well-worn topic or player or team or whatever and write something that somehow challenged accepted opinion on that subject (e.g. this on Stephen Hendry or this on Christian Gross). It appears that the AV Club has had the same idea, but for movies: here is their defence of the Matrix sequels, a meaty challenge for any cinema history revisionist.

I can’t agree, to be honest. Or, I can only partially agree. I thought The Matrix Reloaded was pretty awesome – too long and with a lot of silliness that the first film had somehow avoided – but quite successfully turning the volume up to 11 on the effects and the spectacle. But Revolutions? God, it was diabolical. Couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Anyway, the point of this post was actually just to say: watch the trailer for The Matrix. This is some triple-filtered, pure-distilled nectar-of-the-gods cinematic adrenaline-pumper. Perfect trailer for the ideal action movie: