One of the great applications of the internet, this: the Youtube Insult Generator. Via extreme cleverness, when you enter a search term on this page, it fetches all the insults that people in Youtube comments have levelled at people who don’t like the thing you’re searching for. Hence, people who don’t like “America” get the following (among many others):

You went back to Puerto Rico

You are from another country and don’t realize that if the U.S. didn’t kick your ass in a war then we sure as hell saved their ass in a war!

You didn´t get a green card

You vote Republican.

…although commensurate with this being the internet (and an imperfect insult generator), there is also a delightful sprinkling of strangeness and unicorns:

You prefer Simon Cowell’s vision of music, not the real stuff

You are empty and aching and you don’t know why.

You obviously don’t believe in unicorns

A couple more choice insults from other categories:

People who don’t like…

The Beatles: You are amputees

Biscuits: You didn’t have a decent childhood.

Books: You trust people with no nose hair.

James Cameron: You got your first kiss during black and white movies

Michael Bay: You will be blown up by Michael Bay

Batman: You are ugly on both sides of your face.

London: You have no sense of style. OR (couldn’t resist including a second one here): You think you are the only ones out there that rule the galaxy

New York: You are dentists 😐

San Francisco: You are real hippies…<3

… OK gotta stop this is too fun.

Oh wait hey I gotta explain the title… It’s what to tell people who don’t like Other People’s Ideas. Yeah, I know.

via waxy!