I think I mentioned Quora the other day. It’s a relatively new service (OK maybe it’s been around for a year?) that does something a lot of other services do – Yahoo! Answers comes to mind – but somehow better: it gets answers to questions. I think the key to it is partly that they have really good technology for searching and connecting you to the answers you’re after, but more than that it positioned itself at the start as the place where all the smart and influential people are. Anyway, it’s a pretty good resource but I hadn’t been using it much until last week when they emailed out some of the more interesting questions that people had been asking and answering recently, including:

What’s the best way to escape the police in a high-speed car chase?

There are loads of helpful answers! And the top one comes from an ex police officer. He says many sensible things (all with titles that begin with C, for some reason), including:

Concentration. How often do you drive in this manner? Unless you’re running because you’re on parole, this is likely your first dance. Sure, you’ve driven fast before – for a while. Then, for whatever reason, you got uncomfortable and backed off. Maybe your car made a sound you got concerned about, maybe you caught a glint you thought might be a trooper’s windshield, maybe you thought you heard the faintest pulses of a siren. Whatever it was, it weakened your resolve and you slowed down. You have no such luxury here. And while this is fresh for you, this is, to many of the people pursuing you, another day another dollar. They’ve trained for this in training scenarios and have been involved in pursuits in the field. They run code multiple times a week. Even if one of your pursuers was a rookie who got eaten up by the stress, there will be a dozen vets to take his place.

So, yes: Quora is a fun browse.