On The Rumpus the other day Ted Wilson put up a piece called The Rumpus Interview Without Louis C.K. It was an occasionally hilarious string of emails in which he attempted to get an interview with the ginger comedian, and failed spectacularly. I would guess that he did genuinely send these emails although it’s possible he made the whole thing up. Although even if he did send them, perhaps his plan all along was not to get the interview, given that the opening one contains the line “If you agree to an interview and do a good job, people who read it will like you and want to come to your shows and see you make jokes. Whether or not you can keep them there is up to you.” Over a period of months, Ted’s emails veer this way and that, speculating that Louis has died, or thinks he’s another Ted Wilson who once offended him and so forth. Long story short: it’s a pretty funny piece and has some great lines.

But it’s for the comments section that I’m linking it: there are some of the very best examples of the needlessly aggressive, hilariously blinkered Angry Men that you find on the internet. It’s strange because this is really not the demographic of The Rumpus (the outlet that publishes Dear Sugar), so it’s doubly incongruous when you read the gently humorous article and are then assaulted by what sounds like a bunch of righteously indignant Stella Artois drinkers. Best bit: a commenter calling himself Louis says “Well, in your initial “request,” you come off like a huge asshole. So, there’s that.” Ted Wilson remains strictly in character, apologising profusely to “Louis” and saying he’s a big fan, following which someone else jumps in with: “Why do you assume that after all this time ignoring you, the commenter “Louis” is really him? You’re probably not even on his radar.” Which just about wins the internet.