Dan Kois, of not enjoying long slow movies fame, watched every single Steven Soderbergh movie, and wrote this article about it. Steven Soderbergh movies are the perfect response to those who would claim mainstream Hollywood films are dumbed down: they’re the essence of smart-but-entertaining. Kois also produced a ranking of Soderbergh’s output, categorising each film as either a masterpiece, classic, “worthwhile divertissement,” “really fascinating film that gets better with age, or interesting failure. There’s also one movie that fits all the above categories, apparently.

I’m not sure I’d agree that Out of Sight is a masterpiece; I saw it a long time ago but recall it as being, like, “good.” I’ve been meaning to see The Limey for absolutely ages, and it’s going on the Netflix queue right now. Am also looking forward to Contagion. Here are some trailers:

The one for Out of Sight is really only an OK trailer, too. I like Don Cheadle in it though.

I like this one for The Limey. Terence Stamp seems kind of awesome.

And here’s Contagion. It seems kind of compelling, and horrible, and has an incredible cast. But there are a couple of non-brilliant cliches in there: the monkey, someone saying in a serious voice “it’s mutating!” I think “he’s mutating!” might have been the last line of the film of Resident Evil, as well…