While in Britain during August I was lucky enough to get to see my three favourite urban landscapes from that country. If I had thought about it at the time I could have taken photos of them, but I didn’t. There’s always the internet though! So here are some pictures.

First came the view of Edinburgh that you get when you arrive there by train from England, up the east coast. I studied in Edinburgh for three years and always loved arriving by train. As you come into the city you get glimpses of hills rising up on either side, and big fancy buildings sitting on top of them. Then you come into Waverley station, which is rather a grim place. But the reward comes after you’ve got off the train and you walk up the ramp on to Waverley Bridge and suddenly it’s apparent that you’re in the very centre of the city and all its sights are laid out: the castle, Princes Street, New College, the Scott Monument, the Scotsman hotel, etc etc. I lifted this picture from Google Street View; it doesn’t quite do it justice but there you are:

Edinburgh from Waverley Bridge, Google Street View image

After that I was in London. I didn’t think I’d get to see my favourite view there, but as luck would have it on my last evening I had to get a bus from near Waterloo up to near King’s Cross and it crossed Waterloo Bridge. The specific view I wanted was in fact the one you get from the top deck of the bus as it crosses Waterloo Bridge, because you can see everything. During the year I studied in London I used to get the 188 bus in to Aldwych every day. Looking west, you can see past the big ferris wheel and round as far as the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey; to the east, you have Somerset House, St Paul’s, the city (inc. the Gherkin). Street View again for this one:

View east from Waterloo Bridge, Google Street View

View west from Waterloo Bridge, Google Street View

Finally we had a few days in Oxford. South Park is the nearest big park to my parents’ house and we used to play there quite often as kids. It rises all the way up Headington Hill from near the city centre, so looking back towards the city you see all the spires and domes of the colleges and churches. It’s a pretty popular spot for photography and the view appears on a lot of postcards. Google image search gets you this:

Evening view of Oxford from South Park, by Percy, on http://oxforddailyphoto.blogspot.com/