McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: As a Background Extra in The Film’s Café Scene, You Can Say Anything So Long as You Appear to Be Smiling and Talking..

Hey, the leak in my brain is wily, my resolve is not so steely, my heart and drive want love so fast and everything. I smile, and you smile, and there’s a sale that takes a while, but what we do with our time is hide. Frightened of a gift, we seek permission.”

“I enjoy skiing, so skiing is nice. Skiing is a sport that I enjoy. ”

[I really take a moment to consider this sentiment before I speak.]

“We made a fake wasp out of a firecracker, tied him to a thread leash, and put him into the nest with the others, the real wasps, and made a video of how the real wasps treated him.

Etc, to good effect.