The AV Club is recapping the The Office (UK). They’re doing two episodes a week; so far they’ve covered the first four episodes of series 1. Which means, of course, that they’ve already covered the greatest one-two punch in TV history: the episode with the quiz (3) and the episode with the training and the guitar (4) – see here. Sort-of relatedly, here’s the first part of an hour-long HBO show that is just Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Louis CK talking about comedy (link via Kottke and waxy):

It’s kind of strange watching four of the world’s funniest people not being particularly funny, but it’s mostly really interesting. Although I don’t really rate Gervais as a stand-up: there are any number of comedians who are funnier than he is when in front of a crowd. But The Office is pretty much a lifetime pass.