I want to show you three. Without further ado, here’s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy:

This is a movie with one hell of a pedigree. On the acting front we have Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth, John Hurt (and more! Like Benedict Cumberbatch, he of the amazing name); directing we have Tomas Alfredson, who was responsible for Let the Right One In (great example of a movie that blows the book it was adapted from right out of the water). The source material is, of course, the novel by John Le Carre. I haven’t read it (I really should get around to his early stuff at some point) but it’s got a great reputation.

Thing is, as an adaptation it has a lot to live up to: apparently the BBC’s version was excellent and featured a similarly tremendous cast, led by Alec Guinness. Still; I’m excited.

Trailer number two is Pixar’s Brave:

It’s difficult to say, as this article does, that Brave represents a departure for Pixar, given that their output to date consists of fare as diverse as Up, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles and WALL-E. What is nice, though, is that they’re finally getting around to making a movie with a female lead. There’s a story floating around that because of the ages of many of the principals at Pixar (especially the studio’s head, John Lasseter), they have tended to be obsessed with stories about the challenges of fatherhood – with Finding Nemo, Up and Monsters, Inc.  prime examples of this. I’m not sure I buy it, without having met these people, but it seems to fit. By contrast, of course, Disney was known for years as the studio that made millions by consistently recycling princesses. It would be kind of cool for Brave to offer a critique of that amongst its lovely Scottish landscapes and awesome bears. Hey, also: Kelly Macdonald voices the lead! She is brilliant.

So, trailer three then: Killer Elite. Yes:

I’m posting this just because I think it’s interesting that a movie featuring Clive bloody Owen and Robert bloody De Niro is a Jason frickin’ Statham vehicle. What? I mean, I guess De Niro and Owen are basically having a bit of a lark and everybody had a good time, but since when did averagely meatheaded actioners get supporting casts like this? Having said that, it looks watchable purely for Clive Owen’s moustache. Good job, Clive. Oh, and this article is a fairly ritual takedown of the trailer, but link-worthy because of the following comment, by a user going by BoltFromTheBlue:

That openng with Statham jumping through the window strapped to a chair, immediately followed by ‘Based on a true story’, has to be one of the most legendary bits of editing I’ve ever seen.

I laughed.

Happy Canada Day, folks!