You may recall My Little Ponies. You know, from the eighties? One or more of my sisters had them. Well now, in what appears to be a nigh-on perfect storm of semi-ironic Internet-based nerd devotion, the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has become an obsession for a growing band of 20- and 30-something men, now known as bronies. Wired has the full story here: the best bit is probably this:

“This weird alchemy that Lauren Faust tapped into when she set out to make the show accessible to kids and their parents hooks into the male geek’s reptilian hindbrain and removes a lifetime’s behavioral indoctrination against pink,” said New Mexico brony Allen. “As a person with Asperger syndrome, I learned more about theory of mind, friendships and social interactions from this season than I had in the previous 31 years of life.”

Which is cool, right? And, having proved my dedication to this blog by watching a full 7 minutes of the clip below, I can report that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic does indeed address real-life interpersonal issues, such as what happens when you try to throw a party the day after your previous one! Spoiler: no-one wants to come. Having not seen the episode through to its conclusion I can only speculate as to how the situation is resolved, but I imagine the other ponies will manage to demonstrate that they love their friend even though they don’t want to party with her every day. Also: it would be really handy to have a unicorn horn with telekinetic powers!