Quick as a flash, someone’s taken that New York “what are you listening to” experiment and transplanted it to London! Here we are:

Quick observations:

1) Damn! London looks nice in the sunshine. It made me very nostalgic, I gotta say. Nice shot of the Tube too.

2) London hipsters are a truly distinct variety from those in New York.

3) I reckon half the people gave the guy a quick thumbs up + grin as parting gesture. Why so many thumbs up in the UK? Do I do that the whole time? Maybe I do, thinking on it. Do people in America find that strange? Americans, feel free to chip in below with your impressions of the British upward-pointing thumb.

Oh and obviously I got this one from Kottke as well.

P.S. Surely it’s now only a matter of time before someone does this in San Francisco as well? Note to self: always be listening to something cool.