Andy Murray at Queen's Club. Photo: Tom Jenkins, for the Guardian

This picture is from today’s (Wednesday’s) play at Queen’s Club (big gallery of pics here). Andy Murray was playing Xavier Malisse of Belgium (who I think once made a semi final at Wimbledon?). I am just baffled by how he managed to get into that position… Clearly he’s just hit a forehand of sorts, but to end up down on one knee like that he must have hit the ball when it was maybe a couple of inches off the ground? But rather than chopping down in a half volley motion he seems actually to have hit through the ball and given it some topspin, because his racquet’s ended up above shoulder height. Maybe the ball bounced lower than he was anticipating and instead of adjusting his shot he moved down to meet it. Hell of a tricky one to pull off though.

Anyway. Grass court season is here!