Quentin Tarantino: film geek. This is his thing, right: what he’s known for. Check this profile from the Guardian in 2003, ahead of the release of the first Kill Bill. Also this much earlier one by David Thomson in the Independent, around the time of Pulp Fiction. However, the information is more entertainingly packaged in this video, which breaks down many of the references that Kill Bill makes to other films, using split screens to highlight the similarities. UPDATE: oh, hey, quick warning on the video: contains very graphic violence. Seriously, I was a bit shocked.

I don’t think it’s exhaustive (for instance, I think the hand bursting out of a grave is a reference to Carrie as well?) but it’s highly impressive.

This somewhat cheesy “open letter” to James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem makes the point that Murphy is Tarantino’s equivalent in the music world, in that his work is very explicitly a reworking of his influences, with a modern sensibility.

Again via Kottke