I have a special bookmarks folder for things that I intend to blog about. This makes it very easy when I find something interesting on the internet just to stick the link in the blog folder and assume I’ll find the time to share it. Of course, the rate at which I come across blog-worthy content is much higher than that at which I’m actually able to blog, so the blog folder has ballooned in size and contains all sorts of links that I don’t even remember putting in there. The nice thing about it is that when I have a bit of time (like now!), I can browse through it and usually find something I like. Like this: a website called Shady Characters, devoted to punctuation. I just went back there and vaguely recall looking at it before. One of the recent entries is this, about the “interrobang,” or ?!


Apparently the interrobang has caused some consternation among punctuation circles recently – I certainly started noticing it a lot more about six months ago in people’s emails and stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used it myself: it seems either to want to soften the impact of an impertinent question or to convey some sort of goofy amazement, either of which I’d rather accomplish with phrasing instead of punctuation. But still, I guess the more tools you have at your disposal the better. Anybody reading found a good use for an interrobang?