Grosse Pointe Blank: one of my favourite films. It’s partly because the second time I watched it was in the downstairs screening room of a nice pub somewhere between Bermondsey and London Bridge, following several hours of drinking and watching sport. That increased its humour and emotion quotient quite dramatically. It was February 2005 and the following day was my first at an internship: the sport, drinking and watching GPB resulted in a hangover that made me late, but it didn’t matter.

GPB has stood up to repeated viewings since, so I’m inclined to think it’s a semi-overlooked masterpiece. Cusack is fantastic, as are Minnie Driver and Dan Aykroyd, who gives this intensely wacky performance, highlighted by his delivery of the line…  “I’m gonna put a fucking bullet in your forehead and I’m gonna fuck the brainhole!” Cusack deadpanning “Sweet talking, sugar lips” caps it nicely.

The soundtrack is also stellar, getting rightful praise in this AV Club Inventory. About three quarters of the way through you get the big emotional punch as our hitman hero contemplates a fragile baby to the tune of “Under Pressure.” The clip’s below, but watching it in isolation I realize how corny it could seem if you haven’t seen the rest of the film. If you’re not familiar with it, know this: the moment is truly earned by what goes before and after. If you are familiar with it, I invite you just to reminisce: