Tim Carmody closed out his week running kottke.org with a breakdown of kottke’s blogging technique:

The structure of a Kottke post is totally elemental:

    • Title
    • Link
    • Pull (blockquote, picture, video)
    • Response
    • Reader comments (optional)

And that’s it. It’s the five basic units that blogs were built on, distilled to their essence. And titles and comments are important, but Jason’s done without them both. They’re paratext. The real core is link, pull, response.

Supposedly this is the archetype that many of the other major blogs out there also follow. Of course, once you know how to do a blog post like this, the important thing is coming up with the content, and kottke obviously has a great eye for a link (hence all the posts on Other People’s Ideas tagged with “i’m just reposting everything from kottke“). The cool thing about it is, he doesn’t need to try to liven up the posts with anecdotes or any other attempt to inject personality, because the personality comes through in the selection of links. Judge how interesting someone is by what they’re interested in, etc. Although personally, I quite enjoy writing silly stories to go along with some of my links.