How fast can he really go? Or has he peaked already? Steve Cram seems to think there is more to come over the next four years or so, but also points out that athletes only tend to be at their true peak for a few years, wherever that occurs in their career, and whether or not they remain world class for a few additional years before/after their peak. That means that his performances at the 2008 Olympics and 2009 World Championships could be the best he has to offer. There’s another World Championships coming up in August and Bolt is coming back from injury: it’ll be interesting to see what he can do. Given that his technique and his starts are still not considered particularly strong you’d hope he can run faster still, even though a few years ago I might not even have guessed that the 100m record would go as low as 9.58 in my lifetime. Now, I’m thinking sub-9.5 might be possible. Which would be mental. We applied for London 2012 tickets, including the 100m and 200m mens’ finals, because it seems like one of the best chances we’ll get of seeing athletics history made.