Aliens is probably the best action film ever made. It’s the second half two awesome diptychs: obviously it follows Ridley Scott’s Alien, but you could also consider it part two of James Cameron’s mid-eighties action sci-fi resume. He hit the serious big time with Terminator 2, but while Terminator was a bit budget and T2 kind of overblown and soulless, Aliens saw him both at the peak of his powers and working with great, slightly weird material (weird for an action movie, what with its female protagonist and raising of all sorts of semi-Freudian motherhood/birth issues).

Another interesting comparison is with Jaws, in the sense that a lot of that film’s suspense and horror is supposedly due to Spielberg working under the constraint that he couldn’t really show the shark onscreen because it was such a rubbish prop; for Aliens, they only had 6 of the scary alien costumes, so Cameron had to be extremely clever to create the sense of the marines being surrounded by these creatures while only ever showing a few of them a time. The argument that good art is often produced under constraints is considerably strengthened by the comparison between Aliens and Avatar.

Anyway, we’re here to look at this: a cool supercut of Aliens that extracts only the lines said by Bill Paxton, as Private Hudson. This would be a good time to note that he is extremely annoying, but also gets one of the film’s many great moments, with “Game over man!”

Final thing: something I like about these supercuts is that when you’re familiar with the film, you really do relive it as you zip through at 10 times the normal rate. I am very motivated to go rewatch Aliens right now. Get away from her, you bitch!