If you have a Twitter account, you can go here and have a machine auto-generate your next tweet based on all the things you’ve previously said. Here are a few it came up with for me:

I have become a carrot will like an extra hour to one done: literature and it the Strugatsky brothers?

Obama vs. Fox News. And MORE! A good luck! You could try campaigning against Obama?

Crisis Tiger Japan The Tin Drum. One of my very kind, sir. It’s on the Tarkovsky reference for some blog!

Very much enjoyed Alistair Campbell obituary in it? That takes guts right?

In fact, even if you don’t have an account, you can put in someone else’s name and have it produce a tweet for them. For example,

@charliesheen: Toronto! The SHEENIUS after-party: Thursday ya’ she’d be EPIC. The great people surrounding our rocket?

@MargaretAtwood: Love to strangeness! TheStar Mulroney shows his unease with environmentalists worried about What is!

@johncusack: Deal—random tropic of experience. deal—random tropic of unions dems have no i named my cup of?

@fireland [the guy behind Ten Sexy Ladies]: The Wall, in a still-smoldering cigarette while I slowly, seductively pull a guy and oh wait this.

Thanks to waxy for the link.