People in London, The Clock, showing at the Hayward Gallery, looks fantastic:

a 24-hour montage of thousands of film and television clips with glimpses of clocks, watches, and snatches of people saying what time it is. This incredible installation is set up so that whatever time is shown is, in fact, the correct time as of that instant. So as well as providing food for thought about the nature of time in the cinema, and indeed in life itself, the whole thing itself functions as a gigantic and gloriously impractical clock.

Apparently it’s gonna tour round the UK fairly soon. I don’t know if Peter Bradshaw is joking about there being an iPhone app of it, but I would totally buy that. If it was under 5 bucks, anyway.

Oh and incidentally, this vaguely-similar-in-concept Youtube clip also recommended in the article is worth a watch: