Short stories are brilliant! I would like to spend some time writing about them, but not at this time; there isn’t time. Curiously, the fact that short stories are brilliant is something I know I learnt at school but I can’t remember which teacher said it, I just know that it was a long time back and that I have sort of known that short stories are an underappreciated form almost as long as I’ve known that gravity is a thing and that a squared plus b squared equals c squared. It is also a truth constantly reinforced by reality. Anyway.

Here is a good-sounding list of short fiction from 2010. What I would really have liked when reading through this is a link on each story name to a store where I could buy it for $0.99 or something. I’m sure the technology is there. Maybe I should be grateful I don’t have it yet; perhaps I’m 20 bucks better off in this reality than in the alternate one where I was reading the article on the iPad 3 or whatever. But still. I’d pay a buck a story, no probs (reminds me of another blog post I should do. Back soon).