Brilliant write-up of Alien on the Rumpus. Their reviewer stops the film on 10 minutes, 40 minutes and 70 minutes to see what those particular freeze-frames tell us about it (obviously digressing to discuss the film more generally). Example (40 mins):

The sequence of the crew chasing after the acid as it eats floor through floor is a good example of the remarkable pacing of the film through its first hour, as long periods of quiet are punctuated by frantic bursts of movement. Here, it has burned through the empty boots of a space suit, and the indiscriminate violence of the acid reminds us that the creature itself is not a reckonable thing.

We also get a bonus discussion of Ridley Scott and Blade Runner at the bottom of the article. Cool.

10/40/70 #34: Alien – The

P.S. Old school sci fi rocks. What is there recently that compares? Moon, I guess. Sunshine? Both are decent, but feel a bit lightweight in comparison with Alien, Blade Runner, Terminator, Aliens