So you remember that chart of characters from The Wire that I posted about? The guy at Mighty God King came up with the idea and he’s done them for lots of TV shows. But I don’t think he’s done The Office, so rather than waiting for him to do one, I thought I’d just rip off the idea and make my own one. Here it is!

I think the system is pretty clear, so I’ll just talk about the more tricky choices. The main struggle was with Gareth and Jennifer. I did have Jennifer as Lawful Evil and Gareth as Lawful Neutral, but I decided to switch because I don’t think Jennifer makes decisions with cruel intent, while in the Christmas specials, Gareth’s earlier foolishness has morphed into a sort of wicked megalomania. By contrast with Jennifer, Neil definitely turns bad as he loses patience with Brent, eventually leading to Brent’s ban from the Christmas dinner.

Tim is Chaotic and Dawn Neutral Good because Tim seems willing to go outside the bounds of the law to a greater extent – dropping Gareth’s stapler out the window, etc. Finding a ninth major character to round out the set and fill in the top left was also tricky. I like Malcolm because of his various terse exchanges with Brent in series one, especially:

MALCOLM: It’s not a question of trust!

BRENT: It is a question of trust, Malcolm.