Against all the odds, the review ends up being pretty awesome – as does, if the review is to be believed, the book itself.

Relatedly, in the Nabokov Lectures on Literature that I was banging on about a week or so ago, he has an interesting critique of stream-of-consciousness writing:

it exaggerates the verbal side of thought. Man thinks not always in words but also in images, whereas the stream of consciousness presupposes a flow of words that can be notated: it is difficult, however, to believe that Bloom was continuously talking to himself.

Nabokov assumes here that writers using stream of consciousness are making an attempt to portray thought processes literally as a stream of words that are sounded out in their character’s head. That might be true, but couldn’t a stream of consciousness style also be used to (attempt to) illustrate a mixture of words, images, associations, etc running through someone’s mind? Has anyone ever actually managed to pull that off?