Via Kottke, Five Emotions Invented by the Internet. I liked: A vague and gnawing pang of anxiety centered around an IM window that has lulled, an emotion I know well. It’s surprisingly easy to start worrying that you’ve offended someone when the chat window stays blank for a while. But far more disturbing is the chat interface on Skype, which shows you when the other person is typing, but also when they are deleting something. So you know that they’re really thinking through their reply, and you think “was that question so difficult? Or offensive?”

I hardly use Twitter, so I’m not sure about the “@-reply” rage, but the being at the computer for an extended period of time without knowing why is familiar. It’s one good reason for starting this blog. However, this has also led to more of the fifth emotion, The sense of fatigue and disconnect one experiences after emitting a massive stream of content only to hit some kind of ‘wall’ and forget and/or abandon the entire thing. There are actually very few times when I’ve written a whole post and then trashed it, but they do exist. It’s much more familiar to be all motivated to reply to something on a comment board, and then half way through writing realize how futile it is.