Several US states have faced difficulties executing people because they’ve been unable to source the drugs that they use for lethal injections. This article from Nature explains what’s been going on and gives some history of lethal injections and the fallout from this drug sourcing issue. In short, the companies that make the drugs used to kill prisoners have either stopped supplying them because they don’t like the idea, or have been forced to stop exporting them to the States. The governments of the UK, Germany and Italy have all acted to stop the export of these drugs, with someone from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills saying “Our government is completely against capital punishment.”

I find it impossible to look on this situation with anything but approval. I don’t see America emerging from the Dark Ages on this issue any time soon, but it seems completely right that governments opposed to the death penalty prevent anyone in their jurisdiction from assisting in it.

Death-row drug dilemma : Nature News.