I guess Jeff Bridges is newsworthy just at the moment because he’s starring in the Coen Brothers’ upcoming version of True Grit:

…which looks like essential viewing.

Perhaps this is what prompted two apparently unconnected pieces over the past day or so: in The Guardian, David Thomson on Jeff Bridges, and this Awl bit highlighting an upcoming “American Masters” profile of him. David Thomson is always good value, and this piece is no exception: a world-weary, handsome presence, who declined to fall for the lofty values thrown around in American stories. It was important to Bridges that he didn’t seek important parts. He was seldom caught acting or breaking a sweat. What was particularly cool was that he mentioned that Bridges is a good photographer, so I looked up his website:

From the filming of "Crazy Heart," photo by Jeff Bridges

Pretty cool huh? Go see them all.

Finally, here’s the trailer for that American Masters profile (which has a horrible, horrible intro by the way: do have the strength to get through it and observe Mr. Bridges being a nice guy).