OK, apologies if this means absolutely nothing to you, but if you were or are the right sort of geek, this is incredible: characters from The Wire, according to their Dungeons and Dragons alignment. I used to have a computer game called Eye of the Beholder: it was a primitive sort of computerised Dungeons and Dragons in which you had a party of four adventurers investigating wicked goings on in the sewers under your town. There were all sorts of flaming swords and other magic items to collect, and of course bad guys to kill. At the beginning of the game you had to spend a great deal of time creating and customising your characters, and this involved placing them on a 3×3 grid, with Good/Neutral/Evil on one dimension and Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic on the other. These defined your characters’ general attitude to the world and way of going about things, respectively. Anyway, this is all overexplaining things: the image should tell all, at least if you’re familiar with The Wire.

A website called mightygodking (megalomaniacal, at all?) has featured a week of character classifications from popular TV shows, and the one for The Wire is pretty damn good (really like the quotations):

I’d like to know why they decided that Avon and Stringer were not equally evil… I guess they’re thinking of the D’Angelo stuff from Season 2? I’ll not give away plot details: if you haven’t seen The Wire then please do trust me that it is 60 hours extremely well spent. Also: Marlo, chaotic? Yeah, OK. Especially in Season 5.

Damn. The Wire.

P.S. as you might imagine, I got this from Kottke.