The Big Picture collects a series of previously unpublished (or, only recently published: I’m sure I’ve seen at least one of them before) photos of John F. Kennedy from Life magazine.  It’s very excellent; you should go see.

A couple of things:

1) He did a lot of stuff in a short time – Nuclear Test Ban Treaty? Didn’t know that was him.

2) The series really highlights the importance of the space programme. Don’t know if that really reflects the time or not, but I can imagine it being immensely exciting, sending people into space for the first time.

3) Scrolling through the photos, the sense of impending doom is almost unbearable.

4) Jackie Kennedy was hot.

Favourite picture: the whole “photographer turning round to capture all the other photographers” thing is pretty overdone, but this is a super version: it’s the old-school American car and countryside setting that makes it stand out.

On a drive through Illinois during the 1960 campaign, photographer Paul Schutzer turns his camera on his colleagues in the press. (Paul Schutzer/TIME & LIFE Pictures)