This article sounds fascinating!

With one billion people already going hungry and the world’s population rising, global food production must urgently be increased. The countries that managed such surges in the past — Brazil, China, India, the United States — cannot do so again. But Africa can — if it finally uses the seeds, fertilizers, and irrigation methods common everywhere else.

However, it is “premium content” so it remains behind a paywall. This is the really tricky conundrum for media companies today: the internet has conditioned people to browse a range of publications rather than spend all their time with one or two, so buying subscriptions makes much less sense than it used to. People say that eventually all the newspapers will have to follow Murdoch’s lead and make their sites subscriber-only, but I don’t think people will want to subscribe. Why pay for the entire content of the paper if all you want to do is read a couple of articles? Perhaps a micro-payment system could work – you could pay 79p for an article, like buying a song off iTunes.

Anyway – Africa! Food! It’s an important topic.

The Fertile Continent | Foreign Affairs.