Another amazing story from BLDGBLOG, about a secretive company with a giant robot manufacturing facility on the slopes of Mount Fuji. This company supplies many of the world’s industrial robots, like the ones that build cars. Being robot experts, of course, their factory is itself largely staffed by robots: picture a giant factory floor humming with activity, but only four humans present.

What with Google having invented self-driving cars, and some other folks inventing self-flying mini helicopters, I’m guessing that the next evolutionary phase of this production system will be for the finished robots to be loaded on to driverless lorries that silently pilot themselves to their destinations; automatic forklifts then transfer the shiny new machines to their workstations, where they self-install and get to work on building more auto-copters without a human being ever having laid eyes on them.

This will leave humans with far more free time, in which to catch up on the latest BLDGBLOG post and finally get round to giving Mad Men a try.

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