Arcade Fire’s new single has a video directed by Spike Jonze:

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Jonze since Being John Malkovich in 1999: he seemed to have just the right sensibility to take that strange tale of puppeteering gone awry and make it believable and sympathetic. He also realized on film what happens when a man enters his own head:


Jonze also directed possibly my favourite film, Adaptation¬†(from another Charlie Kauffman script). This time the whole film goes through its own portal as we discover that the characters are writing the movie themselves. As Kauffman’s fictional brother takes the reins of the script in the final act it’s reminiscent of the bit at the end of Sophie’s World, where the characters in the book try to escape the author. Also this scene: masterful from Brian Cox:

Other reasons to like Spike Jonze: he’s directed a Daft Punk video (sorry about the advert in front of that one) and Where the Wild Things Are (which I haven’t got around to seeing, but I’m just glad that someone made it. What a book).

As for the Arcade Fire video: I love it, although the song is kind of middle of the road. I stopped listening but the story was enough to keep me watching.

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