Twin Peaks. My brother in law once described it as the greatest piece of filmed entertainment ever made. I’m not sure whether that was a truly considered statement or some off-the-cuff hyperbole, but anyway. I have great admiration for it. So yesterday we visited Snoqualmie and North Bend, the towns where the series was filmed, and where you can visit a number of the locations: Snoqualmie Falls, which appear in the famous title sequence and intermittently throughout the series, Salish Lodge, which plays a key role in the series as the Great Northern Hotel and, most significantly, Twede’s Cafe, which appears in the series as the legendary Double R diner, where Norma is the proprietress and the glorious Shelly Johnson is a waitress.

Twede’s now advertises itself as “The home of Twin Peaks cherry pie:” in an early episode, Agent Cooper orders a slice and after taking one bite, declares “this must be where pies go when they die.” We just got a new lens for the camera and Mette tested it out on the slice that we shared (click for enormo-version):

Where pies go when they die

Twin Peaks cherry pie as photographed by Mette