Online poker is an alien world to me but I know at least one person who’s been heavily into it. However, not nearly as heavily as the guy described in this investigation into possible cheating on Pokerstars. People had got suspicious about someone with the user name “rs03rs03” who seemed to be able to play a superhuman number of tables simultaneously. They figured he must be using software to play automatically. Turns out, he (for surely, it is a he?) had “a set of self-written hotkeys” that dramatically sped up the rate at which he could play. They estimate that he can play on 120 tables simultaneously, getting through 1.8 hands per second. Given that the average hand will involve more than one decision (obviously the minimum decision process is a pre-flop fold but even that involves taking a number of variables into consideration), this is a phenomenal amount of mental processing. Not to mention the fact that the guy is doing it for hours on end.

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