The Guardian has a film season on at the moment for some reason, possibly because of the London Film Festival? Anyway, part of it is a ranking of the top 25 films in each genre. The usual caveats about lists apply: it’s a fairly trite exercise, it’s all a matter of taste, blah blah. But of course they’re all sorts of fun. I feel motivated to do a lot of rewatching, especially from the crime list: you could quite happily waste a day on Goodfellas, Scarface and Heat.

What’s strange is some of the judgements as to what films fit in what genre, with Action and War being perhaps the most bizarre set of choices: I don’t see how you can claim that City of God, The Incredibles and Goldfinger all belong together with Apocalypse Now.

Warning: the site is a nightmare to navigate – there doesn’t seem to be any straightforward way to jump between the lists (or even find some of the lists). Still.

Update: You’d have a great day with comedy as well. You could get through more films, seeing as they’re shorter. So… Team America (great short example of a supercut), Dr Strangelove, Life of Brian, Airplane!The Big Lebowski.